Until now, you’ve had two ways to power your living quarters horse trailer: connecting to the power grid with an RV hook up or running your generator while in camp. Running your generator in camp can be a noisy nuisance to neighboring campers, plugging into the grid isn’t always a possibility. Now you have a third option… “Equinergy”.

The “Equinergy” solar generator captures the free energy provided by the sun to reduce or eliminate your generator and AC power grid usage.

The “Equinergy” system will last for years with little maintenance and is a clean renewable energy system that will reduce polluting waste emissions.

  •  Reduces generator noise or noxious fumes
  • Reduces your carbon footprint
  • Long-term cost savings on fuel
  • Low Maintenance
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Long-term reliability
  • Qualifies for renewable tax credits and incentives
  • Used by quality manufactures like Bloomer Trailers
  • 2yr or less average payback
  • Retrofit able

Equinergy photo set

The “Equinergy” touch screen provides a user-friendly media driven display to allow you ability to monitor and control all system in your trailer. You can monitor your AC loads like your HVAC, lighting, and pumps. You can have generator control along with the ability to monitor indoor/outdoor temperature, free water, gray water, waste water, generator fuel tank level and most important the energy usage and battery status.

The touch screen features:

  • iPhone/iPad control
  • text and email alerts
  • retrofit able